Turbo 350 lockup wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Hot rod enthusiasts can attest to the popularity of the Turbo transmission. The TH Turbo Hydromatic was a transmission developed in a joint venture between Buick and Chevrolet in the late s. This transmission was designed for small block engines manufactured by Chevrolet. The Turbo underwent few changes in the seventeen years it was manufactured. The most noticeable change, made during the early s, is the addition of an electronically controlled lock-up torque converter.

The addition of this technology improved highway driving speeds and made the transmission more efficient. This modification in the Turbo transmission design is known as a Turbo C. Drive the car onto the car ramps carefully. Turn off the engine and place the car in park. Set the emergency brake as a precaution.

Place the wheel blocks behind and under the rear wheels. Hydraulic floor jacks and jack stands can be used in place of car ramps. Turn on the drop light and position it through the engine compartment. The safest place to put a drop light is between the firewall and wheel well. The goal is to illuminate the area near the flywheel and torque converter on a Turbo C transmission.

turbo 350 lockup wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Position the mechanic's creeper in front of the driver's side of the vehicle between the front wheels. Sit down and carefully slide backward until you reach the side of the transmission facing the driver door. This is the side opposite the transmission coolant lines. Locate the bell housing on the C Turbo transmission. Directly behind the bell housing, on the driver's side, is the passing gear linkage. Next to the bracket that holds the linkage is a four-pronged electronic plug. This electronic plug is unique to the Turbo C transmission and is the only way to accurately identify this transmission from other models.

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Step 1 Drive the car onto the car ramps carefully.

turbo 350 lockup wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

Step 2 Turn on the drop light and position it through the engine compartment. Step 3 Position the mechanic's creeper in front of the driver's side of the vehicle between the front wheels. Tips The Turbo C was manufactured between through If the car is "stock" original and has a small block or V6 equivalent, chances are good that it came with a Turbo C. Do not be fooled by the shape of the transmission fluid pan. The fluid pan is typically changed to improve performance.

If the Turbo C transmission is not in a vehicle, you can identify it by examining the input shaft. Turbo Cs have a hollow input shaft where the torque converter slips on. Earlier model Turbo transmissions had a solid input shaft. A Turbo transmission can come with three different bolt patterns. The bolt pattern is not indicative of the transmission's originality.

Warnings Disconnect the battery to ensure the vehicle cannot be started. Place the wheel blocks per the manufacturer's instructions. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.This page is all about what I learned about the wiring needed to control the lockup torque convert clutch TCC after I decided to swap the original TH transmission in my GMC Suburban for a THR4 transmission to gain the benefits of a modern overdrive transmission and help tame my "great for towing" 4.

This information applies in large measure to the THR4 transmissions, but not to any of the computer-controlled transmissions that came later - they are all controlled by the computer and the wiring is more or less just to all the sensors involved and is specific to the computer you have to use. The only wiring work you need to do on these transmission is wire up the controls for the lockup feature on the torque converter.

This can be accomplished with simple kits from several places or with custom wiring of your choice. The kits typically have two wires going into the transmission - one is power to the torque converter clutch and another is a ground connection. When you have power and a ground, the converter is "locked". When one or both are disconnected, the converter is unlocked.

The kits typically have a vacuum switch, some basic wiring, perhaps a pressure switch to know what gear the transmission is in, and sometimes even a simple speed sensor to prevent lockup below a certain MPH. These kits are all "plug and play" simple, so you can just buy one and be done with it. Or you can figure it out and create your own kit - it's your choice and your money.

Being the sort of "gotta do it my way" kind of guy that I am, I decided to do my wiring from scratch and figure out all the details along the way. One thing of note is that some of the wiring is inside the transmission pan, so when you drain any remaining fluid by removing the pan to change the filter, that's the time to get the wiring done the way you want it.

No sense doing that more than once.

How To Set Shift Points on a TH350/TH400 with an Adjustable Vacuum Modulator

Here are some pictures of the wiring on my donor transmission as I received it. The first photo shows the wiring connector on the driver's side of the transmission with the three clipped wires coming out of it - look closely, it is there in the grime and dirt. It shows the three wires coming out of the wiring plug on the transmission and the basic location of the wiring plug in relation to the shift linkage. The next four photos show the internal wiring inside the transmission pan - there was quite a bit inside here on my donor transmission!

The final photo shows the underside of the transmission case connector - the white plastic piece is clipped into the transmission housing and there are plus that go into it from the top and bottom - it's quite a complicated little piece!

TH350C Wiring - How To

It's important to know what all that wiring does and why it's there - because I'm going to change it to suit the needs I have after swapping this transmission into a non-computer-controlled vehicle. There are a total of four possible pressure switches, three possible wires coming into the transmission, and a solenoid to do the actual work of locking up the torque converter.

Note that I said "possible" - not all transmissions used all of the pressure switches and wiring. In addition, there are two different style solenoids that were used in various applications. For reference, I'm including a pretty detailed list of the wiring and switches inside my transmission.

Air Conditioning Pressor Wiring Diagram

It had pretty much every possible wiring option and folks can use this to help ID what goes where for doing retrofit or swap applications. I had a heck of a time figuring this out from available information on the internet and eventually had to buy a factory manual for the year and model vehicle my donor transmission came from to confirm all the details. I'm posting it here for others to learn from my experience. The diagram below is what I believe to be correct for my transmission, though the wiring terminal colors they list don't match what I found inside my transmission.

That could be due to my transmission being rebuilt at some time, or due to the manual not matching what actually happened on the assembly line. Either way, the details are handy - especially the small wiring schematic in the upper right hand corner of the page and the listing of what wires are A, B, C, and D in the transmission case connector. Note that terminal C is not used in any application that I can find and my transmission electric plug had a solid plug in that position so it was not usable.

It might be nice if it was there to wire a simple "TCC is engaged" light on the dash that was not a "I think it should be engaged", but rather "it really is engaged" switch All four holes must have a switch or plug in them for the transmission to function, so double check stuff or you'll be removing the transmission pan and fixing it once the transmission is in the car - quite the messy experience.

Plus, removing the "TCC Signal" switch makes it easier to get at one of the bolts for the solenoid, which I had to remove to see about changing to the two-wire style solenoid from my original one-wire self-grounding style solenoid.

Here's the TCI internal wiring diagram for reference. Note that is shows pipe plugs in the three unused pressure switch locations. The labeling is done in a somewhat confusing way, but it does contain useful information, so I'm including it here for reference purposes. Here was my first cut at a wiring diagram that should work similar to the TCI kit, plus this will have an indicator light and the ability to force the torque converter to lock up in any gear.

Like most other kits, it controls everything on the ground side of the system, though the control switch does toggle things completely off when in the center OFF position.

I like having that control, but it's not strictly needed. It does offer a nice safety feature in case of electrical system problems down inside the transmission, so I would prefer to do it this way.Downloads Ford F Engine Wiring Diagram ford f engine ford f engine light ford f engines ford f engine ford f engine specs ford f engines ford f engine parts ford f engine specs ford f engine for sale ford f engine light ford f engines for sale ford f engine size. Diagram Base Website Full Edition.

I will try to address the concerns that a lot of people have with the process of drawing on a Plc with the support of this article. One of the primary questions I have asked is how to draw a PCB with a pc.

turbo 350 lockup wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

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Most computers now can handle 3D projects that are over 1MB and all that's needed is to print it out and then make sure you've got the ideal paper. First of all, you have to get a good design software application that you can download and that will permit you to make changes to the initial schematic or the final drawing.

It can also assist if you can locate a high excellent design for your job. There are various free designs out there, but the key is that you get one that's made for PCB and one that's designed for a project that is more than 1KB in size.

With the design in hand, you can do all of the modifications you want to the PCB. Make certain that you've made certain that the resolution is high enough to draw a PLC diagram that will be useful. If you can, try to find a full page diagram that is dpi and is just a bit smaller than that.

Once you have completed this, the next step is to find out what type of circuit board you want to use to build your own project. You can either purchase one that's already attracted or draw yourself. It doesn't matter which one you choose as the important thing is that you can construct a fantastic quality circuit board. Just make sure that you follow the directions that come with your design applications and you will be all set.

Using a good software program like AutoCAD can help a good deal, but you might also locate a program like Eagle that will save a great deal of trouble in the future. User Blog. User Blog Global.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. Hi people! Can anyone let me know what the side effects of running the THc without hooking up the lock up wiring?

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Forum Rules. Allan Lifelong GM automatic transmission specialist. Can't comment on mileage since it's always been like this, but it's not great. Probably will go with a lock-up convertor next time, though. Cos the input shaft looks alike but i dont see any plug for the lock-up on the gearbox housing.

But, can't help but wonder who dreams up these silly stories, anyway? This idea is pure, prime 1, USDA inspected bunk. Allan i got a letter from GM when i bought my 88 silverado never to tow in OD because the converter would be unlocked all the time and cause overheating.

In drive it will not overheat locked or NOT. It will be running Worked for GM the better part of a lifetime and installed a couple trainloads of the goofy things. You cannot describe that gastly odor; ya absolutely gag. All said and done tho, this man is asking about a C transmission, which is nothing more than a run of the mill but equipped with a clutch. Doesn't hurt 'em a bit to run without the lockup. None heated due to converter slip; it was how they were designed.

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turbo 350 lockup wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

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This engine isn't computer controlled now, so I have a lot of wiring harness not being used now. I removed all the computer controls and installed a manual fuel pump system. Anyway, to the point. I can't get my charging guage to operate. The alternater has a two wire plug and then a small wire and a large wire from the battery on the large stud.

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