Kasam tere pyaar ki episode in voot

Destiny has brought the two lovers together once again, although under weird and unexpected circumstances this time. Raj is aware that Tanuja is the right girl for Rishi and will be at his side throughout his life. Rano is shocked to see that Rishi married Tanuja against her wishes. Raj explains that Malaika is a cheat and he has spotted her spending time with aStranger in a hotel room. He attempts to expose her but fails miserably and his family thinks that he must be hallucinating because of his Alzheimer medicines.

The family was not aware that Raj is suffering from this mental disease and only Tanuja knew this. It Raj takes her side and stands for her and falls sick in the meanwhile. He collapses on the floor due to stress. Raj wants everyone to accept Tanuja as a family member now. Owing to his failing health, the doctor suggests the family to not stress him on any matter. Raj calls Rishi to talk to him personally and tells him to accept Tanuja.

Rishi accepts his fathers demands to make sure that he is not stressed further. Rano and Malaika over hear this conversation and are shocked that Rishi would accept Tanuja as his wife.

Malaika is disHeartened that her only chance to enter the Bedi house has been ruined. She creates a drama in front of Rano to get some support from her. Since Rano is the only person who ever supported her, she tries to get her soft corner.

She instigates Rano about Tanuja succeeding in her plans. The very angry Rano approaches Rishi and asks him to no accept Tanuja at any cost. Rishi reveals that he lied to his father just to keep his heart and ensure that he is not stressed further. He assures Rano that Tanuja is nothing to him and he will never go close to her or touch her. His words calm his insecure mother who fears losing Rishi to Tanuja. Tanuja has overheard the conversation and feels vulnerable.

Rishi is also in a fix as his friend is now his wife. Although Tanuja looks like his Tanu she is a different person. Rishi likes Tanuja but he is yet to come on terms with this feeling. Now he has made a promise to his mother and cannot go close to his legally wedded wife too.Rishi has began to come closer to Tanuja and we also learn that Tanuja is pregnant. Yes, she is six week pregnant and Rishi is definitely not the father of her child.

Tanuja is keeping a secret from everyone, but why. Kasam Tere Pyar Ki has taken an interesting twist with this latest revelation. Poor Tanuja got married to Rishi under weird circumstances. Everyone in the Bedi family including her husband Rishi hates her. He has ordered Rishi to take a good care of his new bride all the time. Rishi has also unwillingly agreed to his request just to keep his ailing father happy. But Rano is not happy with this move and take a promise from Rishi that he will not touch Tanuja under any circumstances.

Now, he and Tanuja are posing as husband and wife in front of Raj. But Raj knows that Malaika and Rano are surely upto something and will try to keep Tanuja and Rishi away. Hence he sends them for honeymoon just to bring them closer. Malaika tries to cancel their trip but Raj asks them to go to Mount Abu by road so that they can spend much time together.

As expected, Tanuja and Rishi enjoy the trip and Tanuja begins to feel that Rishi has started liking her.

kasam tere pyaar ki episode in voot

She loves Rishi but knows that Rishi cannot forget his first wife Tanu, who used to look like her. Tanuja is ready to go on with her one-sided love story but Malaika arrives at Mount Abu to interrupt their happy space. She tries to fool Rishi to get close to him but fails in her plans. Surprisingly, Raj also comes to the same place to keep an eye on Rishi. Tanuja gets her leg injured during a tiff with Rishi and Raj orders to take her to the doctor.

Raj has to fly out of the country for a business trip and this gives Rano and Malaika a chance to trouble Tanuja.

While Tanuja is visiting a doctor to inspect her injured leg, Malaika spots her. She follows Tanuja and notices that Tanuja is visiting a gynaecologist. The doctor informs Tanuja that she is 6 weeks pregnant which shocks Malaika. Tanuja requests the doctor to keep the reports with her and not inform her family about the news so soon. But, Malaika spills the beans to Rano who in turn blasts at Tanuja for lying to them. She asks Tanuja to reveal the truth to her so that she can support her.

But Tanuja says that she cannot say anything right now and is waiting for the right time. Do you think Tanuja is really pregnant? Is Tanuja covering up for someone? But whom? For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 8 November 2016 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App

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See our picks. Title: Kasam Teri Pyaar Ki — See what's trending now. Arnav, a wealthy business tycoon, decides to ruin Khushi's reputation after he thinks she sabotaged one of his events. Meanwhile, Khushi quietly suffers for the crimes she didn't commit. The story was about Akshara and Naitik who were bounded by arrange marriage, how the two fell in love and how they faced the little problems that come in everyone's lives.

Karthik and Naira The show is based on the concept of remarriage where in kids from previous marriages are involved. It describes the story of a couple who are pressured to live together under critical circumstances and how their emotions and feelings bring them together. Follows the lives of Yash, a widower who has two daughters and Aarti, a divorcee, who put their children's need first while unwittingly Dulhan is the love story of an innocent, illiterate girl Vidya and a mentally challenged young man Sagar.

Vidya, on the night of her marriage, comes to know about Sagar's abnormal mental Saraswatichandra is a man living in Dubai his life suddenly changes when it's decided that he should get married to his fathers childhood best friends daughter zarah living in India. The story is about the struggle of a sex worker and her daughter named Muskaan[1] who faces social ostracism because of her mother's profession.

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 6 December 2016 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App

During their college years, Anjali was in love with her best-friend Rahul, but he had eyes only for Tina. Years later, Rahul and the now-deceased Tina's eight-year-old daughter attempts to reunite her father and Anjali. The story revolves around a small town Woman Geet and how she tackles all the difficulties that come in her way with an unconditional support from a business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana. Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth.

Their love has stood the test of time, cheating even death. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love. Sign In.

kasam tere pyaar ki episode in voot

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

User Ratings. External Reviews.The Ekta Kapoor show is based on the concept of reincarnation and has impressed viewers to a great extent. Rishi was dreading over the fact that he lost his soul mate and almost went into depression. He would hate everyone and everything and use to work and only work to get over the pain of losing his wife.

The happy-go-lucky boy turned into a angry-young-man who would beat the shit out of people around him if they go wrong in any way. Then, Tanuja entered his life and Rishi started to feel strange about her. Infact, Tanuja is herself clueless about having a past connection with Rishi. Rishi hated Tanuja after he found out that she is daughter of Tanus killer.

But Tanuja always saved Rishi from major accidents and during one such accident, she got her face damaged. Rishi starts hating Tanuja even more and kicks her out of their house.

Meanwhile, Rano decides to get Malaika hitched to Rishi and tries to bring the two closer. During her stay in the house, Tanuja realises that she loves Rishi very much and feels jealous when Malaika comes close to him. Rishi has also started to realise that Tanuja is not as wicked as he thought.

In fact, she is good at heart and the two become friends too. On the day of marriage, Raj finds out that Malaika is a cheat and is two-timing with Rishi. Tanuja as an attempt to help her friend, sits in the mandap with Rishi. By the time, Malaika reaches the Bedi house, the two have been married. But Raj stands for her and tells that he did it personaly to save Rishi from Malaika. While arguing with his family to protect Tanuja, Raj falls sick.

His doctor advises the family to take care of him and keep him away from any kind of stress. But Rishi promises Rano that he will never accept her as his wife and not even touch her. For more updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, stay tuned to this space. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more on Entertainment Latest News on India.Since then Rishi was in a state of shock recalling the unfortunate incident and was mourning his loss.

Tanuja and Rishi meet under uncertain circumstances and he started disliking her. Every time they meet, Rishi gets angry and starts hating her presence. Tanuja realises that she has some strange bond with Rishi which makes him special for her.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

The doctor asks for her photo to perform a surgery and reconstruct her face. When Rishi finds out that Tanuja looks like Tanu and is planted in Bedi house by their enemies Bani and Neha, he gets furious. He kicks her out of the house and warns her from trying to have any relationship with his family. Rano is planning to get Malaika married to Rishi so that he can move on in life. Tanuja has started falling in love with Rishi in the meanwhile. Rishi also realises that Tanuja is not as wicked as Neha and Bani.

He becomes friends with her and enjoys her company too. Rano notices that Rishi is getting attracted to Tanuja and forced him to marry Malaika. On the day of marriage, Raj notices that Malaika has some evil intentions behind marriage and has a boyfriend too. Malaika gets late to arrive for her own wedding and notices that Rishi is already married to Tanuja. She accuses and blames Tanuja for cheating her and taking her man away. Raj exposes her and says that he wanted Tanuja to marry Rishi. They think that Tanuja who was aware of his condition must have taken advantage of the situation to marry Rishi.

Rano refuses to accept Tanuja as her daughter-in-law but Raj takes a promise from Rishi to accept her as wife. Rano is very angry at Tanuja and insults her. She tries to kick her out of the family house but Raj wants her to be with him. So, Rano has no choice but let Tanuja stay in Bedi house till Raj completely recovers.

kasam tere pyaar ki episode in voot

Tanuja is disheartened with his news and curses her fate for landing in such an awkward situation. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 6 December 2016 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App

Powered by Blogger.Rishi is stunned that Tanuja conceived even before he could consummate his marriage to her. He was assuming that Tanuja is a reincarnated form of his late wife Tanu and would be as innocent and pure as her. He used to enjoy her company too. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more on Entertainment Latest News on India. But the recent news has stunned him and forced him to recall his past memories.

Moreover, his marriage to Tanuja was unplanned and he was hoping to marry Malaika. Rishi was unaware till he got married that his bride is Tanuja and not Malaika.

Rishi and other members of the family accuse Tanuja for cheating. No one knows that Malaika is a wicked woman and was two timing with Rishi. But Raj stands for Tanuja and convinces his family to not let Tanuja leave the Bedi house. He goes against everyone including his wife to protect Tanuja. All the stress takes a toll on his health and he takes to bed soon. The doctor advises the family to keep Raj away from stress and make sure he is happy all the time. Hence, for the sake of Raj, Rano and Rishi decide to let Tanuja stay in the house.

But after the duo found about her illegitimate pregnancy decide to expose Tanuja in front of Raj. Will they be successful in their plans?

kasam tere pyaar ki episode in voot

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